Posted Nov 17, 2015

Quitting a habit can be extremely difficult, especially when the habit you are kicking is smoking. But, we are happy to help you make doing so a little bit easier, and we are thrilled to help you by suggesting the following five tips:

No. 1: Have a plan

It’s very important that you have a plan. Pick a date to quit your habit and stick to it. Following that date, do your best to avoid tobacco products and find other distractions. For help and suggestions, you can visit or you can call the toll-free number: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. You can also download an app to track your progress.

No. 2: Don’t do it alone

Don’t go through this journey alone. It’s best if you have family and friends helping you step by step. So, tell your loved ones that you have decided to quit, ask for their support, and tell them exactly what you need them to do so they can help you. Also, try to spend time with people who want you to succeed and talk to friends who have also quit the habit. They may have advice that can help you.

No. 3: Stay busy

Replace your smoking habit with a healthy habit like exercise. This will keep your body in tip-top shape and will keep you distracted. You can also make dinner and movie plans with your non-smoking friends. Throughout the day, keep your mouth busy by chewing sugarless gum. This will give your mouth a healthy distraction and will also prevent cavities.

No. 4: Avoid smoking triggers

Smoking triggers can make quitting more difficult, so we strongly recommend staying away from them. Some triggers could be stress, alcohol, coffee, and hanging out with people who smoke. We also recommend throwing away cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters as well as only going to places that do not allow smoking.

No. 5: Reward your accomplishments

Every smoke-free hour that passes is an accomplishment, so make sure you reward yourself! This is a long, tough, and tiring journey, so make it worth it by giving yourself small rewards or big rewards at the end of a timeline!

These five tips will help you along your journey, and we are so excited for you! If you would like additional tips or if you would like to know more about the damages smoking can do to your smile, please feel free to call our office today and talk to a member of our friendly dental team. We look forward to helping you as much as we can!

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